Saturday, February 14, 2009

Game Review ( Rock Revolution - 360 )

Graphics: 3.25/5 Character models look decent, but really the only thing that makes the game somewhat attractive are the venues. Everything else is pretty terrible. The audience is the same looped over model, and the bassist and guitarists strum the same note all song, even whenthr instrument isn't being played. Worse yet is the singer, who sings without any movement or emotion - at least the drummer is better than the Guitar Hero drummer.

Sound: 3.5/5 40 tracks, and all but two are covers. It's really hard to judge the covers... Some are great, while some like Chop Suey and Spirit of the Radio ( Which uses two singers in the song at different times. ) are literally laughable. For the most part, the soundtrack is pretty "okay", covers and all. Major downfall is only having 40 songs.

Control: 3/5 Bizarre as can be. On guitar, the hammer ons just seem impossible to hit at times because of the way the fret board comes directly down at the speed it does. The drum layout: atrocious. I plugged in my Rock Band 2 set and decided to give Last Resort a go. Look, I can 5* songs like Kool Thing on Rock Band so I'm not slouch - needless to say I failed Last Resort in seconds. The seven pads for the Rock Revolution drums stay on screen and you're expected to play - not easy - especially since the bass pedal icon, instead of being a bar, is a round logo. Very weird, and hardly worth getting familiar with.

Fun: 3/5 The game is bad - but not as bad as people seem to think. It only costs $20 new, for 40 songs, to play on guitar. ( I believe drums are not even worth learning. ) Rock Revolution just seems like it wasn't made to contend with Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Instead, it feels like a beta test - and a pretty mediocre one at that.

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Go into options and select your 5 pad drum. Try drums again.