Saturday, February 28, 2009

Game Review ( Quantum of Solace - 360 )

Graphics: 3.75/5 Explosions are cool and Bond looks a lot like Daniel Craig, but the fame can lag miserably with smoke on screen, and the graphics overall just aren't spectacular.

Sound: 4/5 Voice acting from Daniel Craig and nice overall, but the guns sound very... I don't know... arcade-y, and the lines repeated in multiplayer will likely lead to one killing thyself.

Control: 4/5 Almost exactly like Call of Duty 4, but with a behind-the-wall feature a la Rainbow Six Vegas. Works nicely. Only real problem for me is "wall sticking" when you don't want to.

Fun: 3.75/5 QoS is a pretty good game. It's a LOT like Call of Duty 4/5 with a few differences, and without the real drive to play. You can buy your guns, you don't level up with ranks. Really though, once you get the Hutchinson "shotgun", you'll molest anybody in the game. This "short ranged shot gun" is an auto-kill-in-one-shot machine... it may get the record for scrubbiest gun ever in any game. And you can silence it! Anyway, the maps in QoS made me chuckle. Not because they are bad, but there are maps that seem to be ripped from CoD 4 with slight modifications. Say hello to Countdown, Wet Works, and more! And, to my pleasent surprise, there is a map that looks quite a bit like a part of Facility from Goldeneye. Quantum of Solace doesn't get the reviews it deserves for the most part. It's got a fun single player, and the multiplayer is fun, too, despite virtually everyone using the damn Hutchinson "shotty". QoS is ideal as a play all week long rental, but I wouldn't pay more than, say, $25 for this game that just isn't that amazing.

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