Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Game Review ( Guitar Hero: World Tour - 360 )

Graphics: 4/5 The venues look stunning - just about all of them really look good. Maybe not graphically, but just the way they're laid out. The audience is probably the most pitiful looking thing. There are duplicated of the same character standing in groups of five. Uhhh... As far as the band members, the drummer doesn't play to the beat of the music/hit every note most of the time as the Rock Band drummer does, and the characters don't feel real at all. They are emotionless on stage. Bummer.

Sound: 3.75/5 Once again, doesn't stack up to Rock Band. The Rock Band 2 set was just better overall. World Tour of course has some great songs, my favorites including the most obvious ones and a few others, but the majority of the songs are weak. And what's with the spanish songs like La Bamba? Really? Does that belong in a Guitar HERO game? Another thing that I wasn't expecting to see but would have liked to have seen ( or heard ) is the crowd singing along.

Control: 4/5 While most of the songs are a lot of fun to play on drums, I can't say the same about the guitar. While I know Neversoft likes to make songs "challenging" they do it in an unnecessary fashion. Neversoft has an eternal hard-on for using three button chords at least 50 times in nearly every song. It's not that it makes the song hard necessarily, but Neversoft thinks so, and it's just annoying and funny at the same time. The one big thing that people will be hating this game for quite a bit if they have Rock Band 2 drums is that they aren't velocity sensative in World Tour, and, more annoyingly, you have to use star power by hitting the yellow and blue pads at the same time. This can take getting used to for some people - it can be hard to do without breaking a combo.

Fun: 4/5 Overall, Guitar Hero: World Tour is not a bad game, but it's not what it was cracked up to be at all. The music maker isn't too fun, and you'll find yourself using it as a freestyle mode more than not, and there are very few interesting and fun songs up on GHTunes. The track list is fairly weak compared to Rock Band 2, the characters aren't realistic ( although there is great customization ) and the game just isn't as fun as Rock Band. While the menus and the like look great, it seems Neversoft may have spent more time with designing them than trying to find a few more fun songs to play in the game.


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