Sunday, March 09, 2008

Game Review ( Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii )

Graphics: 4.75/5 SSBB looks pretty much like Super Smash Bros. Melee, with a bit more polish. The thing that is most amazing about this game graphically is how the framerate stands up. There is virtually zero lag. And with this game having the most action on the screen at once, it's nice to see. There are quite a few maps, too - all of which are unique and are great to play on for the most part.

Sound: 5/5 One of the best sounding games ever. SSBB has a great soundtrack with a lot of variety, and the in-game sounds never sounded better. The attacks and grunts of all the different characters is fantastic. Very well done.

Control: 4.75/5 Nintendo gives players the option to use a Wii remote, a Wii+Nunchuck combination, Classic controller, or GameCube controller to play SSBB. I, personally, use the GameCube controller, and the controls are the same as on SSBM. All of these combinations will give you the opportunity to play several different ways.

Fun: 5/5 SSBB may very well be the game of the year - at least for the Wii. SSBB has endless replay value. Fourteen unlockable characters, tournaments, online play, the Subspace Emissary, and MUCH more, will keep you playing for a long time. Subspace Emissary is definitely lacking, though, as it is very repetitive. However, the cutscenes are absolutely fantastic. If you liked Melee, you will definitely love Brawl. It has what Melee had and much more - more characters, stages, items, and fun. SSBB is the must-buy Wii game of the year.


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