Sunday, March 23, 2008

Game Review ( SEGA Superstars Tennis - 360 )

Graphics: 4.5/5 Really looks good. Vibrant colors and drastically different looking stages. It's a shame the framerate drops like it does in ( If you can find a game ) multiplayer on LIVE.

Sound: 4.25/5 Same tedious grunts by characters such as AiAi will make others in the next room over think you're watching Asian porn. The music is pretty good, but reused on a few stages. Not bad, though.

Control: 3.75/5 Just way too simple as well as complicated - believe it. Hit X and A in different combinations to get off a different shot, and press LT or RT when you want to go into "Superstar Mode", where you hit balls differently than you would without it.

Fun: 3.5/5 Looks great, sounds good, but lacks the key ingredient for a good game - fun. Very few play this game on LIVE, and the single player is tedious as hell. The challenge mode is the same over and over again with a new skin slapped on the activity you need to complete. SEGA Superstars Tennis is well worth a rental, but certainly not a purchase.


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