Saturday, March 17, 2007

DVD Review ( Seinfeld: Volume 6 )

So it's been awhile since I've reviewed Seinfeld on DVD, so here is my review of the most recent volume released. ( It came out back in November of 2006 )


[*] Indicates a " Season Great "

The Engagement: 4.25/5 Elaine has trouble sleeping because of a dog and has Newman and Kramer help her with the situation; George gets back with Susan and gets engaged.

The Postponement: 4.25/5 George decides he wants to postpone the engagement; Kramer and Jerry go in to see a movie, and Kramer brings in a Cafe Latte. Kramer burns him self, and tries to sue the place he bought it from.

[*]The Maestro: 4.5/5 George helps out a security guard at Susan's uncle's store; Kramer gets a settlement that lets him have a free coffee from anywhere he got his Cafe Latte before; Jerry asks about a house in Tuscany.

[*]The Wink: 4.5/5 George gets grapefruit in his eyes, and his winks get misinterpreted; Kramer promises a sick boy in the hospital that Paul O'Neil would hit 2 homeruns just for him to get back a brithday card he sold.

[*]The Hot Tub: 4.5/5 Kramer gets a hot tub in his apartment; Elaine let's a marathon runner stay in her apartment who missed the Olympics the year before from over sleeping.

[*]The Soup Nazi: 4.75/5 George and Elaine are bothered with how Jerry and his girlfriend act around them; Elaine gets banned from the Soup Nazi's kitchen for a year; George makes a mistake by asking for bread; A couple of faggots steal the armoire Kramer is trying to protect for Elaine.

The Secret Code: 4.25/5 George refuses to tell Susan his secret code for his bank account; Elaine dates an amnesiac; Kramer takes a ride on a firetruck.

The Pool Guy: 4.25/5 Jerry meets a "pool guy" and can't get rid of him; Kramer's number is the same as the Moviefone number, and starts giving out movie times.

[*]The Sponge: 4.5/5 Elaine buys a lot of sponges, but still doesn't know who she thinks is "spongeworthy".; Kramer doesn't want to wear an AIDs ribbon.

[*]The Gum: 5/5 Lloyd Braun brings back some gum from a Chinese market that he has everyone try; Elaine accidently "reaveals herself" to Lloyd. Jerry tells Lloyd he wears glasses, so has to wear obnoxiously big ones that he can't see through.

[*]The Rye: 4.75/5 Elaine dates a saxophonist and makes the mistake of saying they are "hot and heavy"; Kramer gives a horse Beef-a-Reeno, which makes Susan's parents want to get off a very short lived horse ride.

The Caddy: 4.25/5 Kramer gets a caddy for golf tips, and life tips; George leaves his car at work, having his employeers thinking he's working overtime.

[*]The Seven: 4.5/5 Kramer heals Elaine's back after she pulled it trying to get a bike off the rack, and Kramer wants the bike for his duty; George get's mad when someone steals the name he wanted to use for his own child - Seven; Jerry's girlfriend always wears the same dress.

The Cadillac: 4/5 Morty Seinfeld gets impeached for the marble rye incident in New York that Jerry caused; Susan thinks Elaine is having an affair with George; George gets obsessed with Marisa Tomei.

The Shower Head: 4.25/5 Elaine is tested positive for Opium; Kramer and Jerry hate the new shower heads installed in their apartments; Jerry's upset to find out his parents are going to be staying in New York.

[*]The Doll: 4.75/5 Frank turns George's room into a billiards room and plays with Kramer; George is disturbed by a doll that Susan has that looks just like his mom; Jerry is amazed over a new tooth brush.

The Friars Club: 4.25/5 Kramer takes in sleeping patterns like Da Vinci; Mr. Peterman hires a deaf man. ( Played by Rob Schneider ) Elaine has to take in work that the deaf man acts that he can't hear; Jerry loses a jacket from the Friar's Club.

The Wig Master: 4.25/5 George get's an unwanted house guest that is a "Wig Master"; George finds a condom in his car; Kramer looks like a pimp.

[*]The Calzone: 5/5 George gets Mr. Steinbrenner hooked on calzones; Kramer starts baking his clothes for warmth; Elaine gets mad at her "boyfriend" for never actually asking her out.

[*]The Bottle Deposit: 4.75/5 Kramer and Newman find a plan to try to be able to get to Michigan for a bottle deposit without losing a lot of money on gas; George is sent to a crazy house by Steinbrenner.

[*]The Wait Out: 4.5/5 Jerry and Elaine try to move in and get dates with a couple that just broke up; Kramer has trouble getting out of his pants.

[*]The Invitations: 4.5/5 Jerry proposes to a woman he thinks is the one for him; Kramer tries to get $100 by a bank's hello rule flaw; George wants to get out of his relationship with Susan; Susan dies from licking toxic glue on wedding invitations.


Seinfeld: Volume 6 is a kind of dissapointing season. While it does have some real classics such as The Calzone, The Soup Nazi, and The Gum, a lot of the episodes are pretty filler. There aren't many memorable moments from this season, but there are some. Seinfeld: Volume 6 has some great extras and stuff, but there are better seasons. Still, this is a great buy, as it does have some really good episodes.


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