Monday, September 11, 2006

DVD Review ( Seinfeld: Volume 2 )

Seinfeld Season 3, to me, was when the series really took off and became the great show that kept it on the air. Seasons 1 and 2 had their episodes, but in season 3 it all came full circle. The actors got more comfortable with their rolls. Jason Alexander really became the more low and desperate "loser" not so good with girls, and Michaels became the poor, stupid, and seemingly bum and sap that everyone knows as Kramer. Here is my review for season 3.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*]The Note: 5/5 George and Elaine go to a massage therapist and George gets a massage from a man. George admits it feels good, and thinks he may be gay.

The Truth: 3.5/5 George tells his ex-girlfriend the real reason he broke up with her and she checks herself into a mental institution. Meanwhile, Kramer sees Elaine naked while in her apartment dating her roommate.

[*]The Pen: 4.5/5 Jerry and Elaine go to Florida to meet Jerry's parents. While there, Jerry experiences a SCUBA accident, and Elaine has back problems because of sleeping on a pullout couch.

The Dog: 4/5 Jerry is stuck in having to raise a man's dog for a few days, and George and Elaine realize that they having nothing to talk about and nothing in common without having to mention something Jerry does, or without him around.

The Library: 4/5 Jerry and George recall what happened in 1971 when Jerry was called up about a library book 20 years overdue.

The Parking Garage: 4/5 Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer all get stuck in a parking garage after shopping for an air conditioner.

[*]The Cafe: 5/5 Jerry offers to help out a restaurant owner with no customers, by telling him to open a Pakistani restaurant. Meanwhile, Elaine takes an I.Q. test for George.

[*]The Tape: 5/5 George orders baldness cream from China, while Jerry tries to figure out who left a "sexy" message on his tape recorder.

[*]The Nose Job: 4.5/5 Kramer tells George's girlfriend she needs a nose job. She gets one, and it isn't good until it's redone. Meanwhille, Jerry is in love with a beautiful woman that he has nothing in common with.

[*]The Red Dot: 4.5/5 George buys a $600 for $85 cashmere sweater that has a red dot on it; Jerry accidently turns Elaine's boyfriend ( a recovering alcoholic ) back into an alcoholic.

The Alternate Side: 4/5 George gets a job by moving cars street-to-street; Elaine cares for a 66-year-old boyfriend; Kramer gets a line in a Woody Allen movie being shot in New York with the line "These pretzels are making me thirsty".

The Suicide: 4/5 Elaine goes on a "fast" for 3 days; Jerry falls in love with a girl who's husband attempted suicide and is now in a coma; George questions whether or not he should go on a vacation; Kramer goes on George's vacation and has a great time.

The Subway: 4/5 Kramer, Jerry, George, and Elaine all have different experiences while riding on the subway. Jerry becomes friends with an overweight nudist, George meets a woman and misses an interview, Kramer wins big bucks at the horse races, and Elaine misses a lesbian wedding.

The Pez Dispenser: 4/5 Jerry's Pez dispenser makes Elaine laugh at a recital; Kramer attempts to create a beach smelling cologne.

[*]The Fix-Up: 4.5/5 George and Elaine's friend go on a date and have sex; Kramer thinks that the condom he gave George may be defective, and George thinks he'll be a dad.

[*]The Boyfriend (Pt. 1 and 2 ): 4.5/5 Jerry becomes with baseball player Keith Hernandez, while Kramer and Newman recount an incident of being spit on at a Met's game. George's "Vandilay Industries" company fails, but attempts to marry Ms. Sokol's daughter so he won't get in trouble. Jerry becomes jealous when Keith Hernandez dates Elaine, and the "spitting incident" is revisited; this time finding who the "second spitter" was, a la the Kennedy assassination.

The Limo: 4/5 George and Jerry get in a limo intended for other passengers; and they meet a couple that are Nazi's, and "Murphy" who is Jerry and "O'Brian" who is George are discovered to be fakes.

[*]The Letter: 4.5/5 Jerry finds out that his girlfriend plagerized a letter to keep him from breaking up with her; Elaine gets in trouble at a Yankees game for wearing a Baltimore Orioles hat.

The Good Samaritan: 4/5 Jerry trails a hit-and-run driver and finds her attractive and dates her; Kramer has seizures when he hears Mary Hart's voice.

The Letter: 4/5 Jerry finds out his girlfriend plagerized a letter she wrote to him to keep them from breaking up; Elaine refueses to remove a Baltimore Orioles cap while at a Yankee game.

[*]The Kets: 4.5/5 Jerry takes Kramer's spare keys because Kramer is invading Jerry's privacy so Kramer moves to California; Elaine writes a "Murphy Brown" script.


Season 3 of Seinfeld is a great season. Although the episodes fall short of spectacular at the end of the season, for the most part, this is a great season. The bonus features include how Kramer became Kramer, 10 minutes of Seinfeld stand-up, 15 minutes of bloopers, and more. Definitely worth a buy for a sitcom fan.


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