Saturday, September 09, 2006

DVD Review ( Futurama: Volume 1 )

Futurama is an excellent show; great characters, cleaver writing, and good voice acting. This is just one of the best animated shows ever. Here is my review for Futurama: Volume 1. ( I have no life. )


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*]Space Pilot 3000: 5/5 In the pilot episode, Fry accidently goes 1000 years into the future to the year 3000. Professor Farnsworth, his cousin, and he gets a job as a delivery boy, but this time isn't so depressed about having to do it. Fry in this episode meets Bender and Leela for the first time.

[*]The Series Has Landed: 4.5/5 On the groups first delivery, they goto the moon. Fry is really excited while everyone else thinks it's nothing special. Fry learns that there's a Lunar Theme Park, but is soon upset and wonders why they don't let you go on the moon. Fry and Leela soon go on a "track-ride tour" of the moon, but go off the track and have a drive on the moon's surface. They almost die from having low oxygen. Meanwhile, Bender is having some fun with a farmer's robot daughters.

[*]I, Roomate: 5/5 Everyone is sick of how Fry lives, so they have him get his own apartment. Fry moves in with Bender but learns that it's only 2 meters wide. Fry moves into a new, bigger, more "human" apartment, not regretting leaving Bender in his "house". Leela tells Fry that he is hurting Bender's feelings, but Fry doesn't really mind. Soon, Bender moves into Fry's apartment closet.

Love's Labors Lost In Space: 2.5/5 Leela meets Zapp Brannigan while on a trip. She tries to save animals on a collapsing planet while there. Fry and Bender are thrown in jail, but are then released. Fry, Bender, and Leela all escape and Leela in the end meets a cute and useful creature called Nibbler.

Fear of a Bot Planet: 4/5 While at Madison Cube Garden watching a Blernsball game, Bender explains of how he feels about the bad treatment of robots, about how they do work and get no respect. Bender soon has to deliver a package to a planet that is ruled by robots and kills humans on sight. Fry and Leela dress as robots and try to find Bender on the planet. When Leela and Fry are captured, Bender has to decide whether to remain popular on the planet or save his friends.

[*]A Fishful of Dollars: 4.5/5 A thousands years of saving up money, Fry soon finds out that he has over 4 billion dollars and becomes rich. Fry finds anchovies have been extinct for a long time and wins a can at an auction. Soon, "Grandma" tries to steal it from him, but forget and only take his money.

My Three Suns: 4/5 Fry, on a delivery in a desert, enters a kingdom and drinks the emperor. Fry becomes the new one, but soon learns that the emperor in his stomach needs to come out and he needs to cry, puke, or pee to get him out.

A Big Piece Of Garbage: 4/5 A large piece of garbage that was shot out to space from Earth, is coming back to Earth like a meteor. The team has to find out a way to stop it.

[*]Hell is Other Robots: 5/5 Bender is condemned to hell for "jacking-on", going to strip clubs, drinking beer, and so on.

[*]A Flight To Remember: 4.5/5 Bender falls in love with Countess De La Roca, and Fry is stuck fake loving Amy and Leela.

[*]Mars University: 4.5/5 Fry goes back to college to prove he'll drop out and finds out his roomate is a super intelligent monkey; Bender teaches fraternity robots how to be cool.

[*]When Aliens Attack: 4.75/5 Omicronians invade Earth wanting to see the final episode of "Single Female Lawyer". The crew re-enacts the show and gets a "C+".

Fry and the Slurm Factory: 4.25/5 Fry wins a trip to the Slurm factory and he finds out the disgusting ingredient in Slurm that tastes so good.


Futurama: Volume 1 is a fantastic DVD set. If you love The Simpsons and/or Science Fiction, this is your show. It has great characters, fantastic stories, and you know it's good before you watch it because Matt Groening created it. This is definitely a DVD worth purchasing.


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