Thursday, September 27, 2007

Game Review ( Halo 3 Maps - 360 )

I'm bored. But I'm obsessed with Halo 3 pretty much, so I've decided to review each and every map in the game... here goes.

Construct: 4.5/5 The first map I played in Halo 3. Construct is a map that I think would feel right at home in a Metroid Prime game. It's pretty small, has a few levels, and is sure to be a grenade throwing/tagging fest. This is one of many maps in the game that make me wonder "Am I playing Star Wars Battlefront or Halo 3?". Definitely was pleased with this map.

Epitaph: [Not yet played.]

Guardian: 4.5/5 I'm sure you probably played Halo 2. If so, this is JUST LIKE the map "Lockout", but instead of being in snowy conditions, it's in what seems to be a jungle. It's almost identical. Except I like this version more. Definitely a lot of fun to play.

High Ground: 4.75/5 Another fantastic map in the game. High Ground looks great first off, and the layout is very well done. The only problem I have with this map are the spawn points, which seem a little faulty. My team's spawn will switch with the other team's spawn quite quickly, and before I know it, they spawn and kill me immedietely in the back. Regardless, High Ground is a lot of fun most of the times.

Isolation: 4.75/5 One of the best maps in Halo 3. This map looks like it's in a jungle, or something, with a few bunkers and underground caves. The map looks amazing, and is a LOT of fun to play on.

Last Resort: 4/5 The remake of the ever-so-popular map Zanzibar from Halo 2. Last Resort is very similar to Zanzibar, just with some different colors, and bigger... and that's not much of a good thing. While I liked Zanzibar, I always thought it was overrated. This map, even with 10 people, seems under-populated, and is pretty boring. I actually prefer Zanzibar to Last Resort, but that's just me.

Narrows: 4.25/5 This is another map that could easily fit in to a Metroid Prime game. Narrows to me is a lot like Construct, except that it's... well, narrow. The map has two levels, allowing teams to flank. A good map, but there's nothing real special about it. There is what I call a "booster" you can use to fly from one side to the other, but that's the only thing unique on it. A pretty average map that's surprisingly fun to play - especially with team rockets.

Sandtrap: 4.5/5 At first, this map didn't appeal to me much at all. But after learning the map, and driving a few vehicles around and gunning some guys and vehicles down, it's actually a lot of fun. Sandtrap is one of the few maps in Halo 3 with a lot of vehicles in it, and it's super fun. This map reminds me a lot of the map Dune Sea in Star Wars Battlefront on Tatooine. That's not a bad thing at all. It actually makes me like it more... this map is definitely under-rated.

Snowbound: 5/5 Yeah. This map REALLY reminds me of a Star Wars Battlefront map. Hoth. If you've played Star Wars Battlefront, you'll know what I'm talking about. This map has bunkers just like that one did, but instead of this map being HUGE like Hoth, it's quite similar, but very small in size, which is actually a good thing. Snowbound has proved to be one of, if not, my favorite map in Halo 3. A lot of fun.

The Pit: 4/5 An average warehouse map... it just looks like you're in a giant Costco or something... most games have a map that looks similar to this one, and it's usually "filler". I must say, this definitely is a filler map. It's only kind of fun to play on because it's a Halo 3 map.

Valhalla: 5/5 Another fantastic map. Valhalla is one of the very few maps in Halo 3 with air-flight vehicles, and it's an awesome one. I can't honestly describe this map, besides that it's a LOT of fun. It kind of, no, it REALLY sucks when you're stranded in the middle of the map without a vehicle or a team-mate, but after you learn where you're supposed to be and at what times, you'll likely enjoy Valhalla a lot too.


The Halo 3 Maps are just unbelievable. As of now, I haven't played them all, but from what I have played, just about all of them are spectacular. That's about it - I'm gonna go play some more Halo!


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